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Sweet Caroline Wallet. Brown Pebble.

Sweet Caroline Wallet. Brown Pebble.

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Caroline was a border collie/lab born in an animal horde in South Carolina. Her entire litter was not let out of their crate for the first four months of their lives. When she was rescued, she was the only one who was deemed adoptable and hence was the only surviving pup from her litter. When she was adopted by her furever home, she was unable to really walk on her own. For weeks, she had to be carried from her bed to her food or to the outside. Eventually, through love, she became the most loving and grateful dog. The best of dogs. She always had quirks. Even into old age. Like carrying a mouth full of food away from everyone to eat it. Or being startled by the slightest sounds. She was a love bug and the BEST big sister to every animal she encountered. She passed away May of 2023 from cancer and will forever be missed! 

This wallet was named in honor of the life of Sweet Caroline. Border collie/lab mix. 

This wallet was made with a pebble textured leather and water buffalo interior. Made with three card slots and a large pocket in the back for bills or a checkbook or anything you might find a use for. 

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