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SoulBound Leather

Gomer Card Wallet. Brown with Brown & Wheat Crackle Buffalo. Tan Stitch.

Gomer Card Wallet. Brown with Brown & Wheat Crackle Buffalo. Tan Stitch.

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This card wallet was inspired by my childhood dog, Gomer. When I was about 9 or 10 years old, I really, really wanted a dog! But my dad said that I could only have a dog if he met all the following conditions: Must be potty trained, must have leash and collar, must come kennel trained with kennel, must be trained how to sit and stay, must have all updated shots, must be spayed or neutered and must be free. He said this to me and left on TDY, knowing full well that this was an impossible list. By golly, I was going to find this dog. My mom and I went to check the bulletain board at the commissary and there was this picture of this beautiful lab mix with the sweetest seal looking eyes you've ever seen. FREE DOG. Comes with leash and collar, kennel trained, with kennel, updated on shots, trained to sit stay and lay down. The only big thing that was missing was that he wasn't neutered. My dad chose to let up on that part and we got him neutered. He was my best friend growing up. He went everywhere with me in his younger years. He lived a full, happy life with my family and us kids growing up. He even got to meet my one and only child before he crossed the rainbow bridge. I named this wallet Gomer to honor is memory.

This is the basic Gomer card wallet. It’s a great minimalist design. Created so you can carry all your essential cards and a little bit of cash, but nothing more. Made with a brown leather and a brown and wheat colored crackle buffalo pocket.

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